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How I Beat Back Pain

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  I’ve suffered from frequent lower back pain for more than two decades of my life. It began seemingly without reason, just on a whim. At it’s best, I would be in constant discomfort, unable to focus or sleep comfortably … Read More

Healthy Rituals: Sleep

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  Doesn’t it seem like everyone’s talking about sleep lately? News outlets. Experts. It’s very popular topic. I think I’ve seen one expert or another declare this “The Year of Sleep” every year for the past several years. A little … Read More

Healthy Rituals: Quiet Time

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  In our busy on-the-go culture, it can be tricky to come to grips with the fact that slowing down to be quiet and mindful is important for our overall health. This practice is linked to lower blood glucose levels, … Read More

Healthy Rituals: Hydrate

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    Hydration. It impacts almost every aspect of your health. It’s also easily remedied with benefits quickly realized.   Hydration doesn’t necessarily come easily, especially for adults. We’ve learned to ignore our thirst or have used less healthy options … Read More

Shadow Falls – Urban Nature Therapy

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I feel so grateful to live in an urban area that offers so many opportunities to get into nature. Minneapolis boasts a park every 6 blocks and I don’t doubt that. We are within minutes of several wooded areas, extensive … Read More

Boost Your Brainpower

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Brain health seems like a bit of a trending topic lately. New research is really changing what we know and how we can think about our brain health. Besides reading, doing puzzles, changing your mindset, and learning something new, there is … Read More