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Why I Stopped Drinking Shakeology & Quit Beachbody

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Ahhh… the lure of a well-organized health regime. Beachbody figured out how to attract my attention, that’s for sure. Something about those colored 21- Day Fix containers to perfectly portion your food, tracking sheets, and short at-home workouts was very appealing to me. … Read More

This Week in Living with Vitality

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Save time and stay up to date with handpicked health news, recipes, recommendations, and more.   News & Studies Struggling with Insomnia? Low Magnesium Could Be to Blame Magnesium. Every day I read another article about the amazing benefits of it, … Read More

Wellness Snapshot – Document Your Starting Point

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  Goals and their action steps are the links between where you are and where you want to be. You might have a good idea of where you want to be, but without knowing where you ARE, achieving your goals … Read More

My Favorite at-Home Workout Resource

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    Regular exercise is one of the most impactful things you can do to improve and maintain health. It improves mood, increases patience, and helps manage stress.   It’s not hard to find resources for home workouts. If you’re … Read More

How I Beat Back Pain

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  I’ve suffered from frequent lower back pain for more than two decades of my life. It began seemingly without reason, just on a whim. At it’s best, I would be in constant discomfort, unable to focus or sleep comfortably … Read More

Healthy Rituals: Sleep

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  Doesn’t it seem like everyone’s talking about sleep lately? News outlets. Experts. It’s very popular topic. I think I’ve seen one expert or another declare this “The Year of Sleep” every year for the past several years. A little … Read More